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I sell almost everything once I get it right. You can, too. Note: When you pay me an advance and I have completed substantial work on your project, the fee is non-refundable.

Pro Script Training - Like co-writing with me as we develop and you complete a polished screenplay, with marketing advice. -- $1999

Polished Pages - My clients sell books; one got a three-novel deal. I guide as you outline & write, then I provide marketing advice. -- $1999

Ghost Magic - Let's sell your non-fiction story with a book proposal. I'll write it and get it to publishers, editors, and agents. --†$5,000

Skip Scripts - I've sold all sorts of scripts. I work for partial payment up front, with a larger payout and profit participation at sale. -- Let's Talk!

Client Successes

I know Hollywood thoroughly, and where where to find agents and producers. Book-wise, I can help you find editors, and publishers. 50% of the books and novels I've worked on have achieved success.

A fan of my Complete Idiot's Guide to Screenwriting is Craig Titley, who wrote "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" with George Lucas, as well as the script for "Percy Jackson†& The Olympians: The Lightning Thief" and many other excellent scripts.

Reader, client and "Skip's Hollywood Hangout" member Oklahoma Ward got advice from me, made his first feature film, and got distribution. When his was the last one cut from the Sundance Film Festival, he found out the judges thought the first 15 minutes were a drag. He went back to my notes on the script from two years before. I'd told him to cut those 15 pages and he ignored me...he laughed when he told me!

Alexander Orelle, a former student, won the first Sundance Online short film contest, worked for Pixar on "The Incredibles" and now owns Israel's only animation company. He was in charge of the most recent "Yogi Bear" movie for Warner Bros.

Michelle Sewell, my student, won a short film screenplay contest put on by Black Entertainment Television (BET) and got it produced.

My screenplay class student Josette Doyle sold her screenplay about a relative who was a serial killer.

Screenwriter Ted Gasowski, though living in Detroit, got a Hollywood manager and then became a novelist after taking my script to novel course.

I'm in the business of profitable writing. I know what I'm doing because I've done it and that's why my people do so well. I've made the mistakes you don't have to make, if you work with me.

What I Offer

At your service with chimes of positive change!
Evaluation of books or novels is $2 per double-spaced page.

Script evaluation price is $199 and every page over 115 pages is an extra $3.

Short script evaluation is $3 per page.

Many clients start with a half-hour consultation ($49) and are very happy (sometimes it runs over - I don't usually mind).

Per hour prices are $35 for editing, and $60 for writing and consulting.

You can pay me via using skippress at yahoo dotcom. No Paypal account? I'll tell you how to do it. I take check, money order, bank transfer, money via Western Union (which works for people from countries like Russia who can't access Paypal).

Your Screenwriting Career - Best Basic Screenwriting Course Online Today

Ride the Hollywood Wave
I taught this course for almost a decade. It was eventually available in 1,500 schools. Now I'll just send the lessons directly to you and work with you as you study:

The History of Storytelling; The Outer Story of a Screenplay; The Life of Hollywood; More Hollywood History and Your Road Forward; The Evolution of Screenwriting; The Business of Screenwriting; Mining the World to Find Your Heart; The Magic of an Unforgettable Screenplay; Superstar Screenplay Structure, Format and Structure of a Screenplay; Inside the Hero's Heart; Kids, Heroes and Memorable Characters; Inside the Villain's Brain; A Touch of Nostalgia; Organizing Your World with 3x5 Cards; Outlining a Screenplay; Structure Outside the Lines; A Closer Look at Structure; Making the Perfect Screenplay Better; Rewriting and the Road to Improvement; Reading, Polishing and Reality; Getting Feedback and Making the Best of It; Getting It Out to People Who Matter; Making Connections

It's only $48 with me answering every single question personally.

Comments on "Your Screenwriting Career"

Backstage before speaking at Pepperdine
"I looked for a long time for a course on screenwriting, but could never find one worth taking. I was very happy to see this one offered, and very happy it was online. I feel I learned a lot from this course, and will apply it to any future screenwriting that I do."

"I was surprised at how much help & inspiration I gleaned from my first online course of this type. I have a book picked out to adapt to a screenplay and am eager to begin."

"Skip's writing is immaculate...He speaks to you not as an authority but as equal; the resonance of his truths establishes Skip's authority. He reiterates again and again that if you are diligent and keep doing what you like you will eventually succeed. His information is full of wisdom about what it means to be a screenwriter, navigating yourself through the Hollywood movie business and getting where you want to go."

Consultations Done Via Email, Phone, Or In Person

One Free Question - Have one big pressing question about writing and don't know where to get it answered? Email skippress at yahoo dotcom.

Know Before You Go - $29.95 - Most projects have flaws that should have been ironed out before being written. Hitchcock worked out films completely before the cameras rolled. Nikola Tesla worked out an invention in his mind completely before making it. Let's talk 30 minutes & enhance your chances.

Script Scrutiny - $199 - Many script consultants are not sold writers. One dubious professor asks $5,000 for an evaluation. I deliver: (a) notes throughout the script (most need notes); and (b) a report on how to make it saleable. Please note: every screenplay I've ever sold was rewritten several times.

Double Scrutiny Plus - $499 - I know how to sell your work as well as anyone in Hollywood. I'll read your script, read the rewrite, offer advice on people to approach, and coach you on loglines, pitching and queries.

The Big Jump - $999 - If you have a book, novel, or script and need a marketing plan and sales help, including writing effective sales documents, or if you want to reach potential buyers/​sellers that I can contact for you, personally, this is the one for you. Reading/​evaluation/​improvement fees included.

I Teach Book, Screenplay and Marketing Courses Via Email

Your Hollywood Breakthrough: Rewrite and Marketing Mastery - $99

A self-paced course intended for anyone who's completed a screenplay. Lessons, questions, and answers are delivered via email - ask as many questions as you like. Find out why I get personal sales and why my clients and students win contests and get movies made.

End Run to Hollywood: Novelize Your Screenplay - $99

This course walks you through turning your script into a novel that could easily become "source material" in Tinseltown. It's done by email and I personally review your work. Far more novels get published than screenplays made. Your overall writing ability will improve. You'll learn how to find a literary agent, and where you can personally promote your work to the publishing industry or publish it yourself.

I Get Questions... And More Questions...

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Reading How To Write What You Want & Sell What You Write, I'm really enjoying it!! Question: You wrote this in '95, would you still say there is decent money to be made writing articles (for whoever - wherever)? I recently read a blog that said there was no money in article writing anymore.

- If you write for a major publication, even one that's now on the Web but used to be in print, like Newsweek, you can make money. Brian Scott's will help you. But if you really want to do something, have your own blog, use social media, get something you write to take off like Seth Adam Smith's "Marriage Isn't For You" (millions of hits), then you might end up with a book deal and mucho dinero.

My 20 Year-Old Book Continues to Impress

I imagine your book has changed my life greatly; itís amazing how a book has the ability to do such. I meant to write you, I donít know, nearly two years ago. But I never built up the courage to I guess. But I basically just wanted to say, How to Write What You Want & Sell What You write, is truly fabulous. It has encouraged to me to write and read books I wouldnít have had reason to read otherwise, and although I have set it down for a while every now and then Iíll read a few chapters. I just started School again and Iím really enjoying it, one of my Professors says I have an eye for detail and seem to catch grammatical errors very well. I found a few in your book but Iím sure itís been updated by now. Well, I just wanted to say thanks, Iím sure I had more to say and ask, but I canít recall at the moment. ~ Rebecca Rivera

Hi Skip,
My sister bought me How To Write What You Want and Sell What You Write because I have been writing a book for about 13 years - through the trials and tribulations of my mother passing and quite the dysfunctional family dynamics. I have been wating to publish as I am now 27 and have created more of a teenage self-help through grieving. Your book was inspiring as the style was personal yet to the point, much appreciated. ~ Lyndsey H.

The kind of compliment that makes me blush

I took Skip's basic screenwriting class through the Community Education Department at Cerritos College here in Southern California, and it helped me unlock my writing ability that had laid dormant for 20 plus years and now I'm the author of Tormented Soul (Horror) and am also working on three other books all at the same time. One of my books is nearing 208,000 words and it's all because I decided to learn from the best. Thanks, Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

NOTE TO EVERYONE: Send me an email unless you want your question(s) featured here for all eyes to see.

I try to answer all emails the same day I receive them. If you don't hear from me immediately, I'll get to you soon unless I am researching the mating habits of the bonobos. My normal turnaround time on a screenplay evaluation is 10 working days. I'll do things on a rush basis for a higher fee. I've heard too many complaints about people who charge $2,000 or $5,000 and lie about their responsibility for a script or writer's success, and basically blow hot air. I offer a much more than reasonable alternative.

So let me help you!